Get revved up for Kevin Hart and his buds in ‘Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew’

L-R Hart, Ratchford and the rest of the Muscle Car Crew/Kevin Kwan

Today, arguably the hardest-working man in showbiz, Kevin Hart, launches his new show on the Motor Trend app.

Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew has the stand-up comedian, actor and car enthusiast joining his comic pals who tour as the Plastic Cup Boyz, as they drive deep into the world of classic cars. The cast includes Will “Spank” Horton, John “Burgandee” Clausell, Kevin’s trainer Ronald “Boss” Everline, Joey “Dubb” Wells, and co-executive producer Harry Ratchford.

More than a year ago, Hart bought each of his five closest friends a car that reflected their personality. “That was something that I basically did based off the sporadic conversations that we were having while we were on tour,” Hart tells ABC Audio. “Little questions would come up: ‘If you could get an old school, what would it be?’…And, you know, as expected, some of our guys were a little more into classic cars than others.” 

He adds, “And they got bit by the bug heavy.”

The show follows the crew to car shows, into garages, and into the lives of those who share their passion.

For Hart, it was a chance to open some metaphorical doors, as well.

“The car community, they care about cars. And even though we all don’t look the same, we all don’t share the same skin color, we all love the same thing,” Kevin notes. “So if that’s our purpose and that’s the thing that attracts us all, then that means that we should embrace all.”

Harry Ratchford, agrees.

“In a car-culture world, there’s many different-colored cars, but I can truly say that it’s a colorless community,” Ratchford explains. “It crosses all lines — socioeconomic lines, racial lines. You pull up in a nice car or just the interesting car, and people are willing to sit there and talk to you, no matter what your background is.”

He says of the series, “If you’re viewing this, you can enjoy both learning and the learning process, and if you’re a veteran and you know, you have some knowledge, you can enjoy seeing where you once was. ‘I remember when I didn’t know what the exhaust was’ or etcetera, etcetera. So, you know, we in the show, we have  enjoyable content for everybody.”

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