Carlos Santana showcases his overlooked post-‘Supernatural’ catalog on new ‘Splendiferous’ streaming playlist

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Carlos Santana has curated a streaming compilation titled Splendiferous Santana that puts a spotlight on the music his famous band released during the last 20 years following the group’s massively successful 1999 album Supernatural.

ABC Audio exclusively reports that the playlist will premiere on Friday, July 2, and will be available via all major streaming platforms.

The Splendiferous playlist features songs from six different post-2000 Santana albums — nine tracks each from 2002’s Shaman and 2005’s All That I Am, three from 2007’s Ultimate Santana compilation, one from 2012’s Shapeshifter, six from the 2014 Spanish-language collection Corazón and two from 2019’s Africa Speaks.

“I always felt that [1970’s] Abraxas [album] and Supernatural got a lot of deep, hands-on hug[s], but…songs [from] these other albums not as much,” Carlos explains to ABC Audio. “So I wanted to gather them together and put ’em in a certain sequence, because when I listen to them…they give me courage, they give me joy, they give me hope, and they give me…[the] ingredients to have a delicious life.”

Carlos says he hopes that when people hear the playlist, they go, “This music makes me feel very grateful and happy to be alive.”

Among the songs Carlos chose are collaborations with an eclectic variety of singers and musicians, including Plácido Domingo,, Macy Gray, Seal, Nickelback‘s Chad Kroeger, Metallica‘s Kirk Hammett, Tina Turner, Gloria Estefan and Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler.

Reflecting on getting to work with such a diverse array of artists, Santana says, “I’m very, very grateful…At this point, I [look] at myself like one of those Swiss [Army knives]…In other words, with clarity, I am not a one trick pony.”

Here is the full Splendiferous Santana playlist:

“Novus” (featuring Plácido Domingo) — Shaman (2002)
“Eres La Luz” — Shape Shifter (2012)
“Aye Aye Aye” — Shaman (2002)
“Con Santana” (featuring Ismaila, Touré Kunda) — All That I Am (2005)
“Adouma” — Shaman (2002)
“El Fuego” — All That I Am (2005)
“Hermes” — All That I Am (2005)
“I Am Somebody” (featuring — All That I Am (2005)
“Saideira” (featuring Samuel Rosa) — Corazón (Deluxe Version) (2014)
“Mal Bicho” (featuring Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) — Corazón (2014)
“Da Tu Amor” — All That I Am (2005)
“Amoré (Sexo)” (featuring Macy Gray) — Shaman (2002)
“You Are My Kind” (featuring Seal) — Shaman (2002)
“Into the Night” (featuring Chad Kroeger) — Ultimate Santana (2007)
“Cry Baby Cry” (featuring Sean Paul, Joss Stone) — All That I Am (2005)
“Twisted” (featuring Anthony Hamilton) — All That I Am (2005)
“Nothing at All (featuring Musiq) — Shaman (2002)
“Sideways” (featuring Citizen Cope) — Shaman (2002)
“Hoy Es Adios” (featuring Alejandro Lerner) — Shaman (2002)
“Amor Correspondido” (featuring Diego Torres) — Corazón (Deluxe Version) (2014)
“Yo Me Lo Merezco” (featuring Buika) — Africa Speaks (2019)
“Trinity” (featuring Kirk Hammett) — All That I Am (2005)
“The Game of Love” (featuring Tina Turner) — Ultimate Santana (2007)
“Beijo de Longe” (featuring Gloria Estefan) — Corazón (2014)
“Margarita” (featuring Romeo Santos) — Corazón (2014)
“Brown Skin Girl” (featuring Bo Bice) — All That I Am (2005)
“Just Feel Better” (featuring Steven Tyler) — Ultimate Santana (2007)
“La Flaca” (featuring Juanes) — Corazón (2014)
“Candombe Cumbele” (featuring Buika) — Africa Speaks (2019)
“Victory Is Won” — Shaman (2002)

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