Insider Secrets To Help You Ace Your Next Interview

Now, here’s how you can get an extra edge during your interview. These insider secrets come from hiring expert Tina Hamilton.

  • Pretend your interview starts in the WAITING ROOM! We’ve talked before about how some hiring managers rely on their receptionist to help choose the perfect candidate. Companies may also plant a waiting room “spy” – an employee who’ll pretend to be waiting too, while the boss intentionally keeps you cooling your heels for up to an hour! They’re looking to see how you’ll react to stressful situations. So, experts say the best way to impress any potential spy is to sit quietly reviewing your résumé, or reading something related to your industry.
  • Beware of the Gossip Trap. During an interview, some managers will intentionally say something negative about one of your former colleagues, just to see how you’ll respond. It’s their way of singling out office gossips. So, resist the urge to jump in and agree with them. Instead, experts recommend saying something like: “Actually, I never noticed that about so-and-so while I worked with her.”
  • Clean your car. It’s not unusual for employers to send someone out to the parking lot to glance at your car while you’re inside being interviewed. Why? Because employers view your car an extension of you! So, if your car looks cluttered, unwashed and sloppy – with junk-food wrappers on the floor – managers will assume you’ll bring those same sloppy qualities to your job.
  • Ask questions. Surveys show that job candidates who ask questions about a company are more likely to get the job. That’s because you’ll appear more enthusiastic about the position, compared to people who only talk about themselves! So, ask something like: “What’s the one thing your company is looking to improve or tackle, and how will this position fit in with that need?” Then, after the interviewer describes their needs, follow up with: “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can do all that.”