Which Chore Do You Dread Most?

What’s the chore you hate the most? Is it vacuuming? Laundry? Washing dishes? If you’re like most people, it’s doing the dishes! A report from the University Of Utah found that, out of all household chores, dishes stress people out the most. Professor Dan Carlson led the research… and his team looked at how couples divide household chores and how that impacts our relationships. And they found that doing the dishes causes the most stress and conflict in relationships.

In the study, women who did the majority of the household dish washing reported less satisfaction, more conflict, and less intimacy in their relationships.

So why do dishes cause more problems than, say, laundry? Professor Carlson says the reason is simple: “Doing dishes is gross.” And if you have kids, it seems never-ending. And after a while, you start to resent the people making those dirty dishes for not helping you clean them up. So, for the sake of our stress levels and your relationships, we all need to pitch in and do more dishes.