The Best Brain-Health Hobby

Crafters and scrapbookers are onto something. According to research done by the Mayo Clinic, people who regularly get crafty are less likely to suffer from age-related memory or thinking problems.

And it holds true whether you like to paint, draw, build models, sew, or scrapbook. And you can get the brain benefits even if you take up the hobby in middle age or later in life. It lowers the risk of cognitive impairment up to 73%!

All those activities protect your neurons from dying, which are the building blocks of your brain. And it works in two ways.

First, because all those activities are detail-oriented and involve problem-solving, even on a small level – so you’re giving your brain a workout.

Crafting also involves repetition, which our brain finds relaxing. And that stimulation plus stress-relief is a one-two punch that protects the brain.

So what if you’re not artsy in the least? You can get the same mental boost by attending virtual book clubs or cooking.