Feel Happier Fast!

Here are two ways to feel happier, fast:

First, give someone a compliment. The National Institute for Psychological Sciences found that giving a compliment has as big of a positive impact on a person as receiving one. It activates the same area of the brain as giving a gift – or giving to charity. And you don’t even need to give that compliment in person. Sending a text praising someone makes you feel just as good. It works by making us feel more connected to others – and feeling connected is linked to long-term happiness.

Another way to feel good fast: Take a minute to appreciate nature, even right outside your back door. Admiring a sunset, watching birds go by, or seeing the leaves of a tree rustle in the breeze erases negative thoughts and replaces them with positive emotions. Stanford University scientists call it “green therapy” – and it can even improve your memory! Because our brain is hardwired to pay more attention when we’re focused on the beauty around us. So try a little green therapy to bust out of a bad mood!