L.S. Dunes shares statement on upcoming AI-generated video

Fantasy Records; Art: Gordon Douglas Ball

L.S. Dunes has shared a statement regarding the band’s upcoming video for their new song, “Old Wounds,” which was created using AI-generated images.

The statement, which comes after L.S. Dunes uploaded a 10-second preview of the video, begins, “L.S. Dunes and its collective members have been longtime supporters and advocates of artists of all kinds.”

“Over the years we have commissioned art pieces from well-known professional artists, unknown semi-professional artists, and fans of the band just starting out and creating things for fun,” the statement continues. “We have searched out these talented artists that inspire us from all walks of life and worked with them in a multitude of different ways showcasing their work on as large a platform as we could provide.”

With that in mind, L.S. Dunes came across @IAMMETHISISI, who’s described as a “generative art creator,” and felt that their work fit the message of “Old Wounds.”

“Old Wounds, at its core, is a song about intent, and what role it plays in the perception of good and evil,” L.S. Dunes says. “The conversation surrounding generative art draws a parallel to that in many ways.”

“We feel the video created by @IAMMETHISISI encompasses that perfectly, and based on the initial comments from just a 10 second clip, it seems to have hit this concept directly on the head,” the band adds. “Love it or hate it the choice is yours, as it should be.”

The “Old Wounds” video will premiere Friday, September 29.

L.S. Dunes consists of My Chemical Romance‘s Frank Iero, Coheed and Cambria‘s Travis Stever, Circa Survive vocalist Anthony Green, and bassist Tim Payne and drummer Tucker Rule of Thursday. The group released their debut album, Past Lives, in 2022.

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